Campus 2.1 - We Mean Green Sustainability Hackathon

From Apr 15th 2016
To Apr 17th 2016
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UNT Sustainability Hackathon will give students the power to affect real change towards a more sustainable campus.  The We Mean Green Fund has partnered with Innovation Greenhouse to host a hackathon the weekend prior to Earth Day 2016.  Students will work to solve important issues of campus sustainability related to water conservation, energy conservation, biodiversity, alternative transportation, air quality, carbon footprint, and other issues of environmental concern. All projects will have the opportunity to submit a complete proposal to the We Mean Green Fund, and can have their vision of a sustainable campus brought to reality!  Participants will have access to experts in the sustainability field, and thought-provoking lectures will be held. Leave your mark at UNT, reduce UNT’s impact on the environment, and gain valuable experience in project leadership as you collaborate to hack UNT’s sustainability!

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