Campus Blockchain Hackathon - Covenant University.

Hebron StartUp Lab, Covenant University Road, Ota
From Oct 3rd 2018
To Oct 5th 2018
Create Nigerian Crypto Solutions to Combat Ransomware
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Nigerian computer science, business, and entrepreneurial students and faculty in Nigeria! The Nigerian Blockchain Alliance (NBA) invites you to participate in the Campus Blockchain Hackathon to be held at Covenant University's Hebron Startup Lab.

Any student or faculty member with an interest in blockchain technology, a business idea, and the aptitude to be part of a blockchain startup project team can take part.  Come and collaborate and compete against teams in other locations in Nigeria for the chance to be eligible for the National Campus Blockchain Hackathon.

Our hackathon tips page contains valuable info on participation in the Campus Blockchain Hackathon!

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