CANSSI Lightning Talks | Statistics – a Catalyst for Innovation (Simon Fraser University)

Simon Fraser University – Big Data Hub, Burnaby
Dec 7th 2018
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To kick-off the celebration of the opening of the Canadian Statistical Sciences Institute (CANSSI) national headquarters, we invite you to lightning talks highlighting some very exciting CANSSI Collaborative Research Teams, Health Science Collaborating Centres and conferences. It includes speakers at SFU as well as across the country. 


At SFU: Dani Chu, VanSASH: The First Soccer Analytics Hackathon in North America, created for students by students

At SFU: Leonid Chindelevitch, Statistical Methods for Challenging Problems in Public Health Microbiology, CANSSI Collaborative Research Team

At SFU: Farouk Nathoo, Joint Analysis of Neuroimaging Data: High-dimensional Problems, Spatio-Temporal Models and Computation, CANSSI Collaborative Research Team

At Western: Douglas Woolford, Evolving Marked Point Processes with Application to Wildland Fire Regime Modelling, CANSSI Collaborative Research Team

At McGill: Erica Moodie, McGill Health Statistics Training Network: Preparing Students for Life Beyond our Walls, CANSSI Health Science Collaborating Centre

At Dalhousie: Joanna Mills Flemming, Towards Sustainable Fisheries: State Space Assessment Models for Complex Fisheries and Biological Data, CANSSI Collaborative Research Team

At Manitoba: Lisa Lix, The Manitoba Statistical and Health Sciences (MB-SAHS) Collaborating Centre: Innovations in Collaborative Training

Join us for networking and light refreshments after the talks.

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