Organized by CARTESI
From Sep 14th 2020
To Oct 12th 2020
Build your DApp in Linux with Cartesi
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Cartesi is the only infrastructure that allows developers to use Linux and mainstream software stacks to build Dapps, while maintaining the security of the blockchain.

Today it launches it's first-ever developer event and hackathon. The Cartesi DApp Incubation Program in partnership with Gitcoin, is a 3-month program that will reward the best three DApps with more than $80K USD in prizes. Each team is free to request a budget of up to 20K USD for 3 months. Developers can apply for the program until October 12, 2020.

Teams are free to build their DApp in their preferred industry. At the end of the program, Cartesi will offer an additional $20K in a matching pool. The Gitcoin community will get to decide how those funds are distributed among the projects by voting with their money determined by the Quadratic Funding system. Being part of the Incubation Program comes with its own set of additional perks, such as mentoring by world-renowned experts in the blockchain space.

Developers wishing to build their DApp on Linux, and to be at the forefront of a significant technology breakthrough, can go to to apply.

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