Challenge IA de l'IoT Week by CITC

CITC, Lille, Lille
From Dec 8th 2020
To Dec 11th 2020
Accept the IA Challenge: Create solutions using data science, machine learning, and deep learning
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Machine learning, data science, and deep learning professionals and enthusiasts in and around Lille! The Centre d'Innovation des Technologies sans (CITC) invites you to participate in the IA Challenge that will be held during the IoT Week.

During the 4-day IA Challenge, you'll get to create an innovative solution that addresses one of three real-world problems and associated datasets that are posed by three partnering companies. You can come with a multi-disciplinary team of up to four members -- or join one at the event. Your team is free to use your programming language (Python, R, C, C ++, etc.) and framework (Scikit-learn, Tensorflow, Pytorch, Mxnet, etc.) of choice.

Get ready to participate in the IA Challenge with smart hackathon advice.

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