Circle Stablecoin Hackathon - $30k in prizes

From Jul 31st 2020
To Aug 2nd 2021
$500 cash or $10k Circle API credits
Build with Circle APIs & the USDC stablecoin
See the website


We’re looking for innovative ideas around payments, commerce and finance use cases that leverage the power of Circle APIs, stablecoins and programmable money on public blockchains. 

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

  • Global peer-to-peer payments based on USDC wallets.
  • Global dollarized savings accounts based on Circle APIs, USDC and Compound, DMM or other money markets.
  • Global multi-sided digital goods marketplaces backed by USDC wallets and payments.
  • Global invoicing tools based on Circle APIs, USDC and tools such as Request or the FIO Protocol.
  • Supplier and freelance payments backed by Circle Business Accounts connected to services such as Sablier or Kleros Escrow.
  • Treasury automation for DAOs backed by platforms such as Aragon combined with USDC and Circle APIs.                                        

Come collaborate and compete for cash prizes and Circle API credits.

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