Cisco Smart Spaces Hackathon

Organized by Joshua Reola
Cisco, Lysaker
From Apr 3rd 2019
To Apr 5th 2019
See the website


Calling all developers! We are looking for the best use case for Smart Spaces that tie into Webex Devices & DNA Spaces. If you are up to the challenge, come join our hackathon at the Cisco Lysaker Office on April 3-5.  Lunch will be provided each day and prizes will be awarded for various category winners.  

We will have partner and Cisco subject matter experts on site to assist in going over the API's. We have room for 20 more developers and you can join and create your teams on Day 1 of the hack. Just come bring your laptop, headphones, get plugged in and hack! 

Partner Product Integrations:

Vipps - BankID (xID/Login) & Payment APISignify - Philips Lighting Hardware SmartenSpaces - Workspace Management SolutionCertus - Touch Panel & Room BookingsAppspace - Digital Signage and Room BookingVyopta - Collaboration Monitoring and AnalyticsDisruptive Technologies - World’s smallest IOT sensorEnvoy - Visitor RegistrationMazeMap - Wayfinding

Cisco Technologies to Hack On:Cisco Room Kit (xAPI, Macros, WebView)Cisco Webex Board (xAPI, WebView, Browser)Cisco Webex Teams & Video SDK (Bots, WebRTC, Mobile)Cisco DNA Spaces 

NOTE: This hackathon is for users that understand how to use Webex Devices. However, exceptions can be made. For Questions, please join this Webex Teams space:

What is a "Smart Space?"Modern building technology promotes not only the comfort of people in a building but also creates a more flexible, engaging, collaborative and creative work environment that will have a huge impact on the productivity and well-being of people, while optimizing the use of spaces and energy spending. With Webex Devices as the center and focus of collaboration in spaces, the smart space of the future knows what each individual wants and adjusts automatically to his or her changing needs over the course of the day. New experiences can include wayfinding, automated heating & lighting, personal assistance, etc.  Behind the scenes, many elements need to work together, e.g. sensors, signage, IoT, analytics, management systems and more.

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