Citizen Science Hackathon

Althanstraße 14, Wien
From Dec 6th 2019
To Dec 8th 2019
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Hello, world!

Do you have a world-changing idea that just waits to be executed?

Or maybe you are a coder, programmer or scientist and interested in future of science?

Join the Citizen Science Hackathon, form your team and build together a proof of concept for the product!

Citizen Science is scientific research conducted, in whole or in part, by amateur (or nonprofessional) scientists. In other words, it is public participation in scientific research, whose outcomes are often advancements in scientific research, as well as an increase in the public's understanding of science.

Tickets Types

If you have an idea for a project - please choose the Idea Owner ticket.

If you are a professional (Software developer, UX designer, machine learning eng, researcher) please choose the Person of Action ticket

If you want to volunteer and assist in organizing - please choose the Volunteer Ticket


How does it work?

After hearing scientists' and citizen enthusiasts' ideas on the first day, it's up to you to choose and join your favorite project team and work on a prototype during the rest of the weekend (Team size limit may apply).

On Sunday, when the prototype is ready, each team will present it to the jury. Amazing prizes are waiting for the winning projects, where both creativity and execution quality are taking into consideration.

But that's not it - During the weekend, we'll take care of the fun part with plenty of surprises!


What are the projects?

You will choose which project attracts you or challenges you the most. For example, you can work on the app which allows everyone to report landslides that he/she discovers or help to understand how can we use seismological equipment for urban life enhancement.


What are the Requirements?

You are expected to know how to code (you don't have to be really good, thou). It can be either front-end (Angular, React, Vue, etc.) or backend - Java/Python/.NET/PHP... knowledge in Data Science and/or any Science is, of course, always welcomed!


Thanks, big time to our sponsors:


Watch the Earth move on the largest Citizen Science powered earthquake monitoring network in the world!

Empowering people to start something new and launch their dreams through coding is our mission - and a perfect match with Citizen Science Hackathon!

Reliable science tools built custom for your project

The project Knowledge Transfer Center East promotes knowledge and technology transfer in all its dimensions

The University of Vienna is one of the oldest and largest universities in Europe.


Juries and Mentors:

Petra Siegele


Petra has been working on public science projects since 2008. In January 2016 she became head of the department for public science in the OeAD-GmbH, a central service center for European and international mobility and cooperation programs in the fields of education, science and research.

Karl Horky

An Austrian-Canadian programmer with over 15 years of experience in the industry, Karl has worked with international companies of many sizes, in capacities ranging from architect to sole developer. Experienced developers and beginners alike value his presentation and mentorship skills at hackathons, conferences, and workshops. Karl is also Co-Founder of UpLeveled, a Vienna-based coding boot camp that transforms people into job-ready developers in a 12-week program - without the need for upfront knowledge.

Philipp Hummer


Philipp is a professional designer with over 20 years of practical experience in the fields of online media, user interface design and digital strategies, who is fascinated by nature, especially by entomology and ecology. In 2014, Philipp has founded SPOTTERON, a leading platform for Citizen Science applications and interactive tools for research projects with public participation. He is an active member of the team of "Österreich forscht", the Austrian hub for Citizen Science.


Time schedule:


17:00 - Gathering

17:15 - Welcome Ceremony

17:30 - Pitch your idea

18:30 - Team Formation

20:00 - Team building & Creativity games


09:00 - Early Bird Breakfast

Free Hacking

12:30 - Lunch

14:00 - Status update

Free Hacking

18:30 - Dinner & Activities


09:00 - Early Bird Breakfast

Free Hacking

12:00 - Submission Deadline

12:30 - Lunch

14:00 - Presentations

16:00 - Jury decision

17:30 - Afterdrinks & Pizza

We look forward to seeing you!

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