Climate Hackathon/EN

From Nov 6th 2015
To Nov 8th 2015
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This year the label ‘Great National Cause’ has been attributed to the fight against climate change... and France will be hosting the 21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework on Climate Change (COP21)!

 Would you like to play your own part in this fight by becoming a sustainable coder?le


CLIMATE HACKATHON, WHAT IS IT? An inspiring challenge and a responsible gesture: developers, engineers, designers and others with super-powers, the energy transition within the city awaits you! See you on November 6th for 48h of sustainable coding at the hackathon organized by Engie and Le Grand Nancy.



Work as a team over a weekend, develop mobile and web apps and connected objects to make cities and their inhabitants more eco-responsibles.


How can energy be saved? How can public facilities be optimised according to needs? (connected buildings, automated control systems, smart data, sensors...)


How can people and the different economic and institutional stakeholders be involved? (gamification, data visualization...)


Acting & raising awareness are the keys to a successful and sustainable development.

By yourself or as a team already, you can already register for the event according to your profile.


PRIZE POOL 10,000€ 

1st prize : 5000€ + 2 months incubation 2nd prize : 3000€ 3rd prize : 2000€


WHAT'S AVAILABLE ? Open data , hardware and APIs are available for your hack ! AND ESPECIALLY the data supply facilities of Le Grand Nancy that puts its data sets available for the first time .


Friday 6 November : - 18:30 : Welcome  - 19:30 : Presentation of the hackathon, the technologies and the datasets  - 20:30 : Questions and Answers  - 20h45 : Dinner  - 21h30 : Ideas pitching

- 22h30 : Networking

Saturday 7 November : - 08h30 : Breakfast  - 10h00 : Mentoring  - 13h00 : Lunch  - 14h00 : Pitches training  - 19h00 : Dinner  - 21h00 : Night coding

Sunday 8 November : - 08h30 : Breakfast  - 10h00 : Technical tests  - 12h00 : Lunch  - 15h30 : End of coding  - 16h00 : Final demos  - 18h30 : Announcement of the winner

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