From May 24th 2018
To May 25th 2018
Join us as high school students from across three states and one territory come together to help solve Key Challenges
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In an effort to create awareness of the challenges in CNMI, and with the support of IBM Watson Group and three states, HCR Consulting is experimenting with a Pop-Up Hackathon to connect communities with each other. The Student-to-Student collaboration will foster knowledge -sharing around the workforce development challenges states and territories are currently facing and provide solutions where we may leverage AI and other disruptive technologies to augment our workforce to be more efficient.


Do you have the answer? Check out the challenges and formulate your solutions.
Leveraging Artificial Intelligence
How could we leverage AI and other disruptive technologies to prepare CNMI and isolated communities for the skills that are required for the 4th Industrial revolution?
Workforce Development
What strategy would you implement to close the skills gap issues around workforce development in these communities?


Get a leg up on the competition by getting familiar with the hackathon resources at your disposal.
IBM DeveloperWorks
IBM Watson Academy
Google Classroom
Amazon & includes info on free usage for students and teachers
Microsoft Education:
Build with IBM Cloud:
IBM Watson Services:
IBM Watson for Good:
IBM Global Entrepreneur Program:
Google API Explorer:
Amazon APIs:
AWS Credits:
Microsoft Azure:


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