Code for the Kingdom 2016 Global Hackathon Seattle, WA

Organized by Leadership Network
Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, Seattle
From Oct 21st 2016
To Oct 23rd 2016
Shaping technology to reclaim our times for the Gospel!
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Christian technologists and entrepreneurs! Your challenge is to innovate culture-shaping technologies that would reclaim our times for the Gospel. Come participate and you will be confronted with challenges such as how technology can:

  • Bring the word of God to the first generation of children who are growing up with mobile devices?
  • Help reduce and/or combat the effects of fatherlessness in a child’s life?
  • Foster a culture of generosity towards each other?
  • Identify, promote, test, collaborate, augment, and fill the gaps of ministry programs around the city?
  • Disrupt human trafficking?

Visit the hackathon tips page for the best advice on how to participate in Code for the Kingdom!

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