CodeCircles @BLOCK71 Singapore

Organized by Code for Asia
BLOCK71 Singapore, Singapore
Nov 25th 2017
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Data Hackathon:

Shoutout to all data scientists, business analysts, visualisation specialists, interested students and people who have started on data science (one way or another, yes Excel counts)! Solve problems, interact and discover insights together with the community, including representatives from LinkedIn and Tableau at Data Hackathon!

Team size: 4-5

Speaker: Akash Kaura (LinkedIn)

Judges: Helen Shih (Tableau), Walter Theseira (SUSS), James Chik (iFin Technology)

Prizes: Chartron La Fleur Sauvignon Blanc

Lunch: Provided

Public Conference:

The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data. (The Economist)

Come hear data scientists from Dathappy, Grab and Uber share their stories and learn more about how data science is widely applicable - be it for fun, for work or even to save lives! Everyone is welcomed, whether you are simply curious about Data Science, remotely intrigued by the Fourth Industrial Revolution or just want to learn something new!

Speakers: Maneesh Mishra (Uber), Yoann Fol (Dathappy) and Peter Cai (Grab)

Light refreshments: Provided

Important Announcement: Updates on venue

11 Nov workshop & 25-26 Nov hackathon venue:

Informatics Academy City Campus

100 Victoria Street #13-01/02

National Library Building

Singapore 188064

2 Dec Career Conference venue:


71 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #02-01

Singapore 139951


Shout-out to all students, mums, working professionals and active agers who are curious about the sexiest job of the 21st century --- Data Scientist (according to The Harvard Business Review)! Yes, everyone can learn Data Science and you do not have to struggle alone. No prior knowledge is required!

Code for Asia is launching CodeCircle, a beginner-friendly, social learning network, where you can learn and interact with people like yourself who have a similar interest in Data Science. Come learn beyond the buzz, acquire programming basics and start building real projects that you can showcase.

Through learning and hands-on practices, CodeCircle creates learning circles for everyone to learn Data Science together. CodeCircle starts this 1 November, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, culminating in a Data Hackathon and Career Conference at the end of the series.

Be sure to bring a laptop as this will be a hands-on experience!

CodeCircles Schedule

Check out the schedule below and be sure to sign up for the correct sessions.

November 1: Introduction to Jupyter Notebook, Basic Data Types, Flow Control, Errors

November 4: Lists, Tuples, and Sets; File I/O; Review The Python Standard Library, Data Visualisation, Functions

November 8: Dictionaries, Review, Mini-Project

November 11: Text Analysis, Regular Expressions, Sentiment Analysis (Informatics Academy City Campus)

November 15: Introduction to APIs, Reading and Posting with APIs, Web Scraping

November 18: Statistical Analysis with Python, Bootstrapping Monte Carlo Chains, Model Fitting, Structured data analysis

November 22: Image Manipulation, Image Analysis, Mini-Project

November 25: Hackathon (Informatics Academy City Campus)

November 26: Hackathon (Informatics Academy City Campus)

December 2: Career Conference (BLOCK 71)

PS: Above sessions can be attended individually, though not ideal. For a more holistic experience, join us for all our workshops at a much more economical pricing, by getting the All-Access Pass today!


To purchase an All-Access Pass, please select any date and you will be given an option of choosing an All-Access Pass or Single Course Ticket.

Kindly note that when selecting Single Course Tickets, please choose the ticket for the correct day, ie. If you are attending a Saturday session, please choose "Single Course Ticket (Saturday)", if not we regret that your participation will be denied in the event that your purchase does not match the session which you turn up for. We seek your cooperation in this matter.

Hackathon and Career Conference

All workshop participants are welcome to join in the complimentary Hackathon (25-26 Nov) and Career Talk (2 Dec), without any additional charges! Simply choose the RSVP tickets under the correct dates of the event (Hackathon or Career Talk) of your choice to enjoy free admission! We will be updating the confirmed dates and venue for the Career talk and Hackathon, so be sure to check us back here at Eventbrite or our Facebook event page or Code for Asia Facebook page or our instgram account @codeforasia.

PS: If you got any queries, be sure to drop Liora an email at and she will be more than happy to help you!


We reserve the right to cancel the event if a minimum participation count is not met. In the unlikely occurrence that any of our public events have to be cancelled or postponed due to circumstances beyond the control of Code for Asia, we cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred by the event attendee.

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