CodeLagos Women in Tech Masterclass by WTEC

Organized by CodeLagos
Landmark Centre, Lagos
Nov 1st 2018
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The CodeLagos Hackathon masterclass is an opportunity to learn, interact and exchange ideas with other professionals and participants at the upcoming CodeLagos Hackathon on November 1st 2018.

Women! Stay Secure. Stay Safe. In the 21st century, your information is more valuable than gold. Don’t believe us? Then ask the thousands of people who have had their identities stolen on a daily basis. Ask the thousands who have lost money to scammers. Ask the thousands who have had their reputation irredeemably tainted. In this exciting session, learn how to protect yourself, your family and devices with practical tips and resources. This session will cover: - Online Safety Basics- Responding to Identity Theft, Fraud and Cyber crime- Securing Key Accounts and Devices- Managing Your Privacy- Best Practices for Online Shopping- Protecting against Data Loss Come with your laptops and your questions.

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