Coding for Teens - S111: Python 2 Course (Ages 13-18) @ The Grassroots Club

190 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, null
From May 25th 2018
To Dec 31st 2018
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(S111) Python Meets Mathematics 2 - Further Develop your Child’s Structured Thinking Process (Ages 13-16)

Taking Mathematical Simulations to the next level, students who have completed S101 will now be performing even more Monte Carlo Simulations, experimenting with Probability, and practicing statistical modelling.

This course furthers their understanding of Python (Consistently ranked #1 as the “Most Popular Coding Language"), introducing them to concepts such as Functions, Lists, and Strings. Students will be expected to apply programming to model Mathematical simulations. Improving code efficiency will play a huge part in this module.

This powerful pairing of Math and Programming not only allows your child to build a solid foundation in both but also most importantly, to understand how Math is applicable in the Real World.

Our proprietary curriculum, developed by Coding Lab’s Award-Winning team of curriculum advisors has been tested in selected MOE schools in Singapore and is based on the GCE "O" Level and "A" Level Mathematics curriculum.

Watch our students in action:

Course Outline

FunctionsLearn how to define and use your own functionsIntroduction to the different types of functionsModularise an earlier program with functionsAdditional Math challenges (Eg. Factorials, Prime numbers)

ListsIntroduction to data structuresCreating and using listsDeveloping a shopping cart programAdditional Math challenges (Eg. Superspeed Prime Numbers generator, dice-rolling probability experiments)

Strings, Dictionaries, Range and For LoopsUnderstanding Strings as a listCreating and using dictionariesUsing For loopsDeveloping a text analysis program

More Useful LibrariesInstalling additional Python libraries/ modulesUsing matplotlibUsing numpyPlotting of functions and equations (reinforcement of concepts from Math Class)Actuarial consultant - Use Statistics and Probability to determine if your client should launch a product

Hackathon & ChallengesTimed challenges for students to stretch their abilities

Fees: $445 (*Early Bird $395)

Students must have completed S101: Python Meets Mathematics in order to enrol for this module. Otherwise, a placement test is required.

All equipment provided.

*Up till 10 days before the course starts

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