Collaboration Tree Hack Night

Carbon Five, Santa Monica
Sep 6th 2017
See the website


In preparation for the Collaboration Tree weekend hackathon online starting 9/8, we'll be participating in the Hack Night at Carbon Five LA.  If you're in the LA area come discuss the project, meet the founder, and get started developing.

The Collaboration Tree framework, the first initiative from the Foundation For an Innovative Future, will be an open source tool for online collaboration around specific topics or goals.  It's part wiki, part forum, part blueprint, and completely innovative.

After having difficulty trying to explain the cTree, the decision was made to create a demo site, which has already been open sourced after having significant work put into it.  There are still plenty of features which need to be completed and bugs which need to be fixed before the site can go live, so we're holding this hackathon to make a lot of progress at once.

Developers of any experience level are welcome, even without web development experience.  Instructions are available on GitHub for setting up the project on your machine.

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