Collaboration Tree Hackathon - Los Angeles

TechHire Los Angeles, Los Angeles
Jun 2nd 2018
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Join us for our monthly hackathon to work on the open source Collaboration Tree (cTree) demo site: a collaborative design/innovation web platform.  Work with other contributors in LA and online to develop this exciting new open source technology as a community.  This is part of the larger online hackathon weekend where anyone can join in via our Slack group.

Programmers: get experience with Google's Polymer platform and web components (no web experience needed)Designers: help shape the user experience for this uniquely complex projectEveryone Else: learn more about the project and how you can get involved early

Free parking & snacks provided!

Parking is available up the ramp off Beverly Blvd.  Take the stairs down from the center of the parking lot.

If you're looking to jump in a bit early we'll also be at Hack for LA the Tuesday night before.

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