Comedy Hack Day Demo Show presented by Microsoft

HackerYou, Toronto
Nov 15th 2015
See the website


It's a comedy show.

It's a product demonstration. 

...but it's more a comedy show.


Comedians and developers will present the hilarious tech products they've built in just 36 hours. Our guest judges will judge them. You will laugh. A lot. 

Comedy Hack Day is a simple project: comedians and developers working together to make a product that is funny but also functional. This web page right here allows you to buy tickets to watch the presentation of the finished product.


If you'd like to participate or volunteer, you're in the wrong palce. Go here!


If you'd like to buy a ticket to watch a tech-minded comedy show or to sponsor the hackathon that will birth these ridiculous products, YOU'RE IN ABSOLUTELY THE RIGHT PLACE! 

Sunday November 15

Doors: 8:30PM Showtime: 9:00PM 



MARK LITTLE @markmarklittle ABBY HO @abbyho 

BRANDON HACKETT @brandonhackett

TREVOR COLEMAN @trevorcoleman 



Zoe Daniels @zoejokes

Tom Hobson @meistatom


Hosted by HackerYou  (@hackeryou)

Made possible by the generous support of Microsoft


More info:




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