Comedy Night at Galvanize

1062 Delaware St, Denver
Aug 9th 2018
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Given the current state of well... many things... we decided we needed a laugh. Galvanize is SO excited to welcome three amazing Denver comics to our Golden Triangle campus to provide a night of hilarity. 

A few things to note: 

1.) Ticket sales are going to the local chapter of Women Who Code!

2.) Galvanize GT has a great bar, so this won't be some weird dry comedy night (unless its dry humor)

3.) Comedians will be around during the evening to shake hands and kiss babies

Featured Comedians:

Jared Ewy

Looking like the lovechild of George Costanza and Mr. Clean, comedy has come easy for the Colorado native and local tech marketing guy. He's hosted countless events at Galvanize, namely the Hack the Dot hackathons that have crowned many Galvanize student a champion of the lesser known short-form hacking underworld. 

>check Jared out here

Rachel Weeks

Rachel Weeks is a Denver-based comedian and writer from the western suburbs of Chicago. True to her Canadian-Midwestern parentage, Rachel is sweet and approachable with a chewy, judgy center. She is a regular performer at Denver’s famous Comedy Works and has appeared on NBC's First Look, Seeso's Hidden America with Jonah Ray, and the RISK! podcast. She produces the Denver chapter of Chicago storytelling favorite We Still Like You and has been featured on High Plains, Limestone, Orlando Indie, and Crom comedy festivals. Both delightfully relatable and sharply critical, Rachel performs each joke with a wink and a nod. 

>check Rachel out here

Allison Rose

Allison Rose is a Denver comedian and writer. Born on a quiet farm in Kansas, she came into her own on the loud stages of Denver dive bars.   Marked by her thoughtful wording and unabashed honesty, Allison has been featured on the High Plains and Savage Henry comedy festivals. She is a regular on showcases all around Denver and hosts the busiest weekly mic in town at El Charrito Comedy Room Room every Thursday.

>check Allison out here

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