Conrad Connect IoT Service Hackathon

Organized by Conrad Connect GmbH
Conrad Connect HQ, Berlin, Berlin
Dec 8th 2018
€1000 in Conrad vouchers
Make life easier for users through the power of IoT
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About Conrad Connect

Founded in 2016, Conrad Connect is a fast-growing, award-winning IoT project platform for Smart Living. The platform enables users to connect different smart devices, apps and services in a single cloud application and automate complex workflows through projects. The goal of Conrad Connect is to make life easier for the users by the power of IoT.

Our platform already integrates thousands of different smart devices from more than 70 brands, and has a quickly growing user base of more than 200k users. We are on track to become the most popular IoT project platform in Europe soon!

The one-of-a-kind Service Marketplace of Conrad Connect provides unique digital services to the users which they can book and use in free combination with their smart devices. Predictive maintenance, automatic replenishment, smart security, energy monitoring, or a simple pizza delivery service triggered by a smart button? This is all possible on Conrad Connect! These digital services can easily be built up by our partners on the Developer Center, which will be open for the public early next year on.

For further information visit, and sign up to the platform for free!

What is the goal of the hackathon?

The goal is to develop new service ideas for our Service Marketplace and to create working prototypes during the event by using the Developer Center of Conrad Connect.

Your service shall provide additional value to the user by using the basic resources of the connected smart devices, the Conrad Connect platform, or even external services via API. On the hackathon you can build services with motion sensor, door/window contact sensor, camera, smart lamp, smart plug, door lock, smart speaker and smart button.

We look forward to being inspired by your professional or even funny service ideas, and be impressed by your developer skills!

Why to join to the hackathon?

First of all, you can be among the first pioneers who can get access and start using our Developer Center! You can learn about the “next big thing” of the IoT world before its official opening, and have the chance to work with us on this in the future!

As the highlight of the day, the jury will step into the shoes of the users and award the best developers with vouchers for cool smart devices and accessories from Conrad Electronic SE:

1st prize: Conrad voucher in the value of 1000 EUR

2nd prize: Conrad voucher in the value of 500 EUR

3rd prize: Conrad voucher in the value of 200 EUR

And of course, all hackathon contestants get Conrad Connect giveaway bags, free snacks and drinks during the event, and will spend the whole day in inspiring startup environment.

Who can join as a contestant?

We invite individuals and small teams as well (with 2-3 members), with the following profile:

both professionals and experts with professional experience, as well as at students who are enthusiastic about IoT and digital services;

participants (team members) may include: Data Scientists, IT Developers, Programmers, UX Designers, Business Developers, Business Informants, Industrial Engineers;

programming skills are needed (within the team): Node.js, HTML.

How to apply to the hackathon?

Please send us an email to with the following brief introduction:

your name and your phone number or Skype contact;

your professional and educational background;

your interest in IoT and the first ideas regarding the service to develop on the hackathon.

In case of team application, please refer to all team members in your email!

Our team will quickly assess your application and will get back to you with the further steps. Please note, that your application will become valid only after our confirmation.

What is the deadline for the application?

6pm on 4th December, 2018.

What else you need to know upfront?

Do not worry, once you have applied we will keep you updated regarding the details!  Meanwhile, keep in mind the followings:

You shall bring and use your own laptop! All other infrastructure will be provided by us.

The event will start in the morning at 9:30 and expect it to last until 19:00.

Please note that further information and documentation will be shared with you in English. Of course, we can provide German verbal support during the event.

You will get access to the Developer Center and the technical documentation on the day before the hackathon.

Start to create ideas now! You can even create more of them! One can win only with the most innovative and monetizable service idea!

Are you ready for the challenge?

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