Copenhagen FinTech Open Banking Hackathon 2017

Organized by Rainmaking
Rainmaking Loft, København K
From Oct 27th 2017
To Oct 29th 2017
See the website


Re-imagine Banking in 48 hours!

The event is FREE! Consider the ticket price a deposit - we'll refund your ticket when you arrive.

[If you are interested in the Final Pitch Event on Sunday - look no further.]

If you’re interested in creating something from nothing in 48 hours, building the next generation of banking services, testing your skills with people from other disciplines, winning cash prizes, and most importantly having a good time, then CPH Fintech Open Baking Hackathon is for you.

Last weekend of October you can once again join Copenhagen Fintech for a disruptive weekend at Rainmaking Loft. Familiar format, same organisers, brand new industry! 

From January 2018 the new Payment Systems Directive will come into play across EU. This will open new and exciting opportunities for anyone slightly interested in the future of payments, financial transaction and wealth management.

Join 80+ participants with diverse skillsets (software developers, business minds, designers and financial professionals) as well as 30+ mentors (entrepreneurs, executives, industry professionals, investors and consultants) for 48 hours of ideation, prototyping, rapid market validation and business modeling. But most of all lots of fun and learning.

The winning teams will be admitted to the Copenhagen FinTech pre-accelerator program starting in November 2017.

First prize 25.000 DKK goes to to overall best team dicided by the Jury. There will also be special prizes from Spar Nord and Nordea as well as free flex seats at Copenhagen FinTech Lab. 

Work with awesome people, win money AND found your startup at the same time!

Visit the full hackathon website for more information about the event & pre-accelerator.

Since you've read this far, you deserve a token of appreciation. Here is a link to 50% discount on your deposit. 

Provisional Agenda 

Friday 27th October

17.30-18.00 Registration 

18.00-18.30 Welcome + Industry Intro 

18.30-19.30 Idea Pitching

19.30-20.00 Ice Breaker + Team Formation

20.00-21.00 Food and Drinks

21.00 -         Teams Start Working 

Saturday 28th October

09.00-09.30 Welcome to Day 2

10.00-10.30 Workshop 1

10.30-11.00 Workshop 2

11.00-12.30 Work

12.30-13.00 Lunch

13.00-17.30 Work With Mentors

16.30-17.00 Office Yoga (optional)

17.30-18.00 24 Hour Checkpoint

18.00-19.00 Work

19.00-20.00 Communal Dinner

20.00-?? Work (all night)

Sunday 29th October 

09.00-09.30 Breakfast

09.30-10.00 Welcome to Day 3

10.00-10.30 Workshop 3: Pitch Training

10.30-12.30 Work and Pitch Prep With Mentors 

13.00-15.00 Work Wrap Up

15.00-16.00 Tech Check and Last-Dash

16.00-17.30 PITCHING

17.30-18.00 Jury Vote

18.00-18.30 Winner Announcement

18.30-19.00 Drinks and Network

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