Copernicus Earth Observation Data Hackathon

Organized by INiTS
From Nov 4th 2016
To Nov 5th 2016
See the website


Interested in environmental issue? Come and participate in the first Copernicus open data hackathon in Austria! You'll have access to data sets collected by Copernicus, the European system for monitoring the Earth. Copernicus data are related to the following fields:

  »  Atmosphere Monitoring

  »  Marine Environment Monitoring

  »  Land Monitoring

  »  Climate Change

  »  Emergency Management

  »  Security

Your challenge will be to create a valuable application that leverages Copernicus data! For example:

  »  Do you have a ground-breaking idea that addresses a current environmental or societal problem?

  »  How would you use Sentinel data to create new information-rich products?

  »  Which application of Copernicus data could you develop that could be commercially viable?

  »  How to combine and exploit Open Data together with Earth Observation data to generate additional benefit?

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