Corporate Innovation Hackathon Summit

Stanford Research Park, Palo Alto
Sep 26th 2018
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Disruptive Innovation Hackathon Summit (Consumer and Enterprise)

Will Build and Launch 100 Disruptive Startups in 3 Days!  

Read more here (Detailed Hackathon Agenda for Startups).

Why: We believe disruptive innovation can change the world, since our mission is to help leading corporate, startup and universities implement disruptive innovation, we are gracefully providing our resources and expertise to implement the most promising idea's by converting them into 100 viable startups (Built and Launched in 3 Days).

How: The Hackathon start with Corporate Summit, where leading corporate and domain experts would share top challenges within their respective market (Digital, Finance, Health, Energy, Mobility and Robotics), which would be broadcast live to the Hackathon Participants, so they capture and select one of the challenges and expand on it to explore potential solutions that will be refined during the 3 Days Hackathon into product.

View our the last Stanford event video here


9am - 5:00pm: Top Challenges - Opportunities across industries, and how to leverage (AI / Blockchain / 3D / Robotics):

9am Digital Tech (Enterprise, Consumers, Blockchain-Cybersecurity, Media & AR/VR)

10:30am FinTech (Mobile Payment, Token / Crypto Assets, Smart Contracts)

1pm - Health Tech (Wearables, TeleHealth, 3D Medical Devices, BioTech)

2:30pm - Energy tech (IoT - Smart Cities - Smart Home, CleanTech, AgroTech)

4:00pm  - Mobility and Robotics (Autonomous Cars, Drones, Urban Mobility)


Featured Invited Mentors, Investors and Guests Speakers are affiliated with:

Snapshot of past attendees from across the globe and industries


Event Terms: All ticket sales are final with no exchange. In case of last-minute change or cancellations of the venue by the host, we will reschedule for a future date and issue replacement ticket for the new venue at no additional cost. Given Panel speakers busy schedule, last minute changes happen, and will do our best to find replacement without any guarantee that any or all panelists listed above will attend. Discounted and promo tickets cannot be transferred or exchanged. All obtained tickets that does not meet the discount or promo criteria would be considered void and non-valid. By joining this event you agree on all terms as listed by respective sponsors, organizers and venues host under their respective terms of services web pages.

Organizer and Sponsor:


Our founders are serial entrepreneurs, Stanford, Harvard, MIT, McKinsey, Accenture and Google alums!

Based in Silicon Valley, we help global founders build innovative products for the right market, backed by top corporate clients and investors, see past events, featured startups portfolio or join our program here

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