CourtHack, US Justice System Hackathon by NCSC & HackerNest

Organized by HackerNest
New Jersey Law Center, New Brunswick
From Apr 22nd 2017
To Apr 23rd 2017
$30K+ in Cash & Prizes
See the website


Legal minds, technologists, entrepreneurs, in the New Jersey/New York corridor! You're invited to sign up top participate in CourtHack 2.0, the premiere US Justice System hackathon. This will be an intense 30-hour hackathon to benefit the administration of justice. You'll collaborate with the best legal and technical minds to tackle one of the following five challenge sets:

  1.  Fairness in Fees, Fines, and Bail Practices

  2.  Fairness: Leveling the Playing Field

  3.  Understanding Customer Experience

  4.  Translating Legalese into Folksonomy

  5.  Social Support for Families in Crisis

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