COVID Response Hackathon - NEMIC

From Mar 12th 2021
To Mar 14th 2021
$1,500 Prize Pool
Innovating to be Better Prepared for the Next Pandemic
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Healthcare professionals in Rhode Island! Do you have ideas as to how the US healthcare system could have been better prepared to deal with Covid-19? If you are a Rhode Island resident, student, or employee of a RI-based employer, then the New England Medical Innovation Center invites you to participate in the COVID Response Hackathon - NEMIC.

collaborate with your peers to create innovative new ideas, solutions, products, systems, and services that help us avoid the mistakes of the past year! Collaborate and compete for a $1,500 prize pool, with first-place winning $1,000.

Maximize your COVID Response hackathon experience...get smart advice from our tips page!


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