Creative Day 2017 - IoT Hackathon

urban workshop, Costa Mesa
Mar 26th 2017
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Are you a maker? did you always wanted to showcase the million dollar idea you always had? Are you ready to build something innovative? Are you ready to take your idea to next level and showcase to the world?

Now is the time, and here is your chance

SoCal Microsoft Azure user group is hosting "Creative Days 2017" on March 26th at the Urbanworkshop, Its one of its kind IoT Hackathon Event with support from Microsoft

How can I participate: There are many ways, If you are looking to participate as competitor here is what you have to do,

Participate as Competitor team

a)  Register via EventBrite. Make sure to choose “Participating Team” as your ticket type, This is a paid ticket, but don’t worry we will refund the fee on the day of event as far as you physically show up to participate., space is limited, do not delay!!

b)  Once you register : Fill up this form and submit your project

c)  Form your team. : If you need help finding your team members feel free to let us know and we can always look for like minded folks from our user group 

d)  Start Working: You don’t have to wait for the event day to start, you can start coding part of your project or assembly as soon as your project idea is approved

Participate as Volunteer

We appreciate your support for the community and the event, We need your help. On the event day, pre event and post event. If you want to volunteer your time, please register via EventBrite. Make sure to choose “Volunteer” as your ticket type, and will get in touch with you.

Participate as Viewer

Well there is nothing more fun to just hang around, network with your other Industry pros, makers and really just to see all the excitement building live at the event, Make sure you register via EventBrite. Make sure to choose “RSVP” as your ticket type and be ready to be part of this exciting event.

What hardware/ software to use: Well this is upto you, we will provide each participating team with following

1)  Microsoft Azure IoT Starter Kit w/ Adafruit Feather HUZZAH by Adafruit:

Although the kit comes quite loaded, but as you can imagine we cannot get all the hardware your project may require so we request you to bring more hardware as your project demands. You are free to use any hardware you like and not restrict yourself to the kit we will provide.

What software: Again this is purely your choice, we do not force you to use one software or other but to qualify for participation and your project for winning, we require you to use Azure IoT Hub as mandatory technology and any other two Microsoft Technologies, for example Visual Studio, Azure, Cortana or anything else you feel appropriate for your project.

What will we not be able to provide: Although the urbanworkshop facility is very nice and the lab setup is more than ideal setup for incubation style projects like yours, we have ample power points provided, and environment for you to succeed. we will not be able to provide you with any electronic hardware like soldering iron, electric wires, etc that your project work may need, so we request you to bring your own.

When will you announce winner: We have a panel of 3 judges, and we expect to announce winner same day, the judging will be based on strict criteria and one of them is of course use of Azure IoT Hub and atleast two other Microsoft Technologies,

What is the prize: Though for your million dollar idea a monetary prize will never do justice, so we could come up with something you may like even more. Winning team will get a 15 min air time to showcase their project on world famous channel9 in an interview format with Your local MVP Vishal Saxena and Evangelist Bret Stateham, this as you can imagine is a game changer, having this advantage will give you and your project instant visibility to entire world, will more than few million visits a month if you are serious about your project Channel9 is the place to be.

We also have another special prize, we will showcase winning project on as winning project for SoCal Creative Day event, both prizes are support and backed by Microsoft so this is something you will cherish and brag about for long :)

How will I submit my code and design: Your code belongs to you, and so does your project design and we seek you to figure a license that you want to use to make it open source to be shared with rest of the community and world, if this sounds all Greek to you, we can help, reach out to Vishal(

What if?:

Q) I do want to participate but do not have a team yet.

A) No idea is small, it’s worth trying, if you believe in your idea, we can help you form a team with some of the very bright students to work with you, and can even connect you with other professionals from our connected groups, with many technology experts available.

Q) I do not show up at event.

A) It will be sad. In case you were participating team, and no one shows up from your team to participate, we will not be able to refund your participation fee.

Q) I have more questions

A) Reach out to your SoCal Microsoft Azure Organizing Team or Vishal (


Your SoCal Microsoft Azure Organizing Team

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