Microsoft Reactor, San Francisco
From Dec 5th 2015
To Dec 6th 2015
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Sponsors and friends: Somaxis, The Tech Museum of Innovation, Microsoft, and SFVR

CricketHack is the first hackathon for Cricket, a wearable sensor for iOS and OSX with several real-time metrics:

                              Movement (6-axis)

                              Muscle tension 

                              Muscle power

                              Muscle fatigue

                              Heart rate

                              Heart rate variability



Join the designers of Cricket in San Francisco for 2 days, December 5th and 6th, and compete for 

$10k in cash prizes in various app categories*

Best Game 

Best Health App

Best Fitness App

Best Elderly Care App 

* One app entry may win in more than one category.

* Each team may submit more than one app entry.

We will have some fun tools to integrate with including Unity 3D, VR Headsets (Oculus, Fove), Motion Controllers (Leap Motion), and Smart Lights (Opple), and you may also bring your own (let us know what you plan to use). 



• Only 100 tickets will be sold for this event

• $10 entrance fee, refunded at the door. We believe hackathons should be free to attend; we just want to make sure that everyone shows up and has the intention of making things :)

• 2 meals and snacks provided; vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options will be available.

• We will provide training tools and materials at least 1 week in advance via the event's Facebook page.

• There will also be training offered before the start of the hackathon from 8am to 10am on Dec 5th (first day of the event) in the form of “Cricket Boot Camp”, at the event venue.

• iOS apps supported: You or someone on your team must bring your own iPhone / iPod touch / iPad / iPad mini/ etc (BLE compliant). We will provide the SDK and sample app for iOS, one standalone and one with Unity integration. We do not have any existing code / support for Apple Watch (yet).

• OSX apps supported: You or someone on your team must bring your own Macbook / Macbook Pro / MacPro / etc (BLE compliant). We will provide the SDK and sample app for OSX, one standalone and one with Unity integration. If you want to integrate with VR or camera systems, this is the option for you.

• "What about Android?" What about it? Just kidding. We would love to support Android but haven't put together an SDK yet. Want to help out?

• One person on each team must have Xcode (for iOS or OSX) and / or Unity development environment.

• Our repos are hosted on GitHub so at least one person on each team must have a GitHub account or be willing to make one.

• Teams may be 1 - 6 people in size.

• You may:

(a) pre-form your teams by socializing on the Facebook page. Just let us know ahead of time who you are, via email, once you form teams.

(b) ask us via email at any time before the event to group you based on your platform, languages, and interests. We will make a good faith effort to group you in a balanced fashion, by interest.

(c) form them during Cricket Boot Camp in the hours before the event (Dec 5th 8am - 10am), or

(d) form them at the official start of the event, Dec 5th 10am+

We are really excited about this event, and are looking forward to creating a fun experience for everyone!

Contact us: agrey at somaxis dot com

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