UFO - Ruhr Universität Bochum, Bochum
From Dec 7th 2018
To Dec 9th 2018
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corss4health & HealthCare Futurists are organising an entrepreneur venue specially dedicated to the fields of Life Science, Medicine and Healthcare.

" - Ignoring Gravity" is a hackathon for everyone passionate about disrupting health care with progressive ideas, creative thinking and active doing.


We believe that innovation is magic that happens when people with no blinders on and from different backgrounds meet in a stimulating environment to dedicate time to a specific field of interest. For us, this is health-care. This is why we are trying to create the perfect ecosystem where we think we will see innovation happen right in front of us. Our goal is to provide you with the best minds and tangible challenges to really make a difference in healthcare and patient care.

Who is behind

We are a small group of dedicated individuals who crave for excellence and innovation in healthcare, life sciences and medicine. We bring a considerable number of years in the industry and in patient care to the table. With this background, we have teamed up with partners from politics and industry to make our vision real: Patient empowerment and patient centricity.

What is the goal of is a hackathon and a networking venue. Our goal is to bring bright minds and great ideas together in a stimulating environment. We want people to interact and interchange ideas, thoughts, and wishes and beliefs for this is the cradle to new entrepreneurial endeavours. We want you to interact with each other on eye level and we want the participants to be able to go out after this event and start founding their own company in health-care.


You will find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) and a contact form on our website:

For other questions, please contact us via

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