Dance Hack Day 2015

SAFEhouse ARTS, San Francisco
Nov 15th 2015
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Kinetech Arts’ (SF Weekly’s “Best Genre-Defying Sci-Artistic Collaborative” of 2014) annual Dance Hack Day is a non-profit event that brings together performers and developers to inspire one another and experiment with emerging technologies.


Combining a traditional hackathon with a dance lab, Dance Hack Day fosters cross-disciplinary partnerships and sparks unconventional projects. Participants will create original performances that fuse movement with cutting-edge technologies. Workshops will be offered throughout the day. At night, you’ll have an opportunity to present the results of your experiments to an audience and prizes will be awarded.

Last year, Kinetech worked with the New Eccentrics and Codame to bring together tech innovators like Tessel and Hack Reactor and arts leaders Counter Pulse and Central Market Now. This year, Dolby Labs and FX Pal have already joined the growing lineup.

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