West Windsor Arts Council, West Windsor
Oct 23rd 2016
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Artists, coders, community members, designers and others! New Jersey's West Windsor Arts Council and Code for Princeton invite you to explore how data can be visually compelling, informative, and foster civic engagement by creating art based on data. Collaborate in teams to create projects in the physical and digital realms that visualize data to bring awareness and positively impact issues in our community. Projects include:

  »  Uncrash: Visualize NJDOT road accident and driver data

  »  Greengraph: Visualize electricity and natural gas usage in the town of Princeton to make information accessible, tangible, and relatable to everyone so they might think about their personal consumption.

  »  Water Toxicity: Creating visuals based on water toxicity levels in the VR 360 environment

  »  Arts in the Everyday: Using data from "A Survey of Arts in Everyday Life (2002)" examine involvements of individuals in informal art activities like community theater, church choir, or painting portraits in a home studio

  »  GIS Self-Segregation: Visualize the self-segregation patterns in West Windsor neighborhoods

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