DataJam Pasos Libres seeks to develop solutions to improve, scale, or expand existing tech tools to combat forced labour
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The DataJam Pasos Libres 2021 is an international technological competition against modern slavery and an alternative learning scenario to educate the next generation of citizens capable of disrupting human trafficking and forced labour through innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology. 


Form your team and register by August 31, 2021!


Do you have the answer? Check out the challenges and formulate your solutions.
Risk Level Assessment
Improve, scale, or expand solutions that leverage AI models to quantify and visualize the risk and vulnerability to forced labour of individuals and communities on specific locations based on external data indicators.
Grievance Mechanisms
Improve, scale or expand Blockchain-based Grievance Mechanisms for workers, allowing stakeholders to improve the transparency and effective flow of information on the performance of supply chains.

Prizes pool

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