Datathon Énergie et Mobilité

Organized by Arafer et CRE
BlueShaker, 54 Rue de Monceau, Paris
From Mar 15th 2019
To Mar 17th 2019
€ 8,000 cash prize pool
Use data to design innovative solutions to improve the lives of transport and energy users
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Data scientists, programmers, developers, experts in UX or UI, business designers, and other techies passionate about energy and transport! You're invited to participate in a 48-hour Energy and Mobility Datathon. You'll get to choose one of three energy and transport challenges -- creating an innovative solution that rethinks the use of mobility and energy in the public interest. Pitch your team's project to a jury chaired by Cédric Villani, for the chance to win your share of an € 8,000 cash prize pool.

15 March 2019 - 17 March 2019
54 Rue de Monceau


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