d|Code Challenge by CTT

Organized by TAIKAI
From Jul 1st 2020
To Sep 4th 2020
Calling all the computer vision wizards to hack the mail post IDTag used by CTT, the Portuguese National Post Company
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CTT is a Portuguese company which operates as both the national postal service of Portugal and a commercial group with subsidiaries operating in banking, e-commerce, and other postal services.

All mail that passes through the Portuguese mailpost machines is printed with a single fluorescent 4 state bus. Behind that bus is a code identified as the object's IDTag used to track the object throughout the mail post journey.

The IDTag is a set of characters that contains some information related to the object's bus, namely the date it was barred, the equipment, the priority, among other information and which obeys a specific mail standard. The identification of the bus IDTag thus allows the mail post delivery system to immediately retrieve information related to the object, without the need to use any IT system or a network connection.



The challenge proposed is the development of a mobile application to read the code with the respective identification of the lDTag using the camera available on any mobile device. The application should be able to identify all the information available on the code and show it on the application screen.

Prizes pool

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1st Prize


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