DeepToken - Massive multiplayer online token offering by MindArk

LAUNCH22, London
Dec 5th 2017
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This event is brought to you by The Blockchain Connector, a training and recruitment company focusing entirely on Blockchain technology.


18:00 – 19:00 Registration & Networking with food and drinks sponsored by MindArk

19:00 Brief intro from Antonio Sabado, event organiser and founder of The Blockchain Connector

19:10 – 21:00 Main presentation plus Q&A by David Simmonds & Henrik Nel

21:00 – Networking drinks at a nearby pub

Presentation title: 

A Token Mechanism for Growing the Games Development & Enterprise Ecosystem of Decentralized Applications in a Virtual World

Quick intro:

MindArk, a Swedish virtual reality company founded in the 1990’s will provide an overview on how they are applying Blockchain technology on their platform and how they are applying open standards in this space.

The first video game was thought to be engendered virtually 60 years ago in October 1958 by, Physicist William Higinbotham, it was a simple tennis game. Since then, gaming has become an immersive experience through a host of deep technologies such as AI, ML, AU & VR.

Mindark AB through its Entropia Macrocosm a platform is about to open source much of its deep tech through a Token offering denominated Deeptoken. For the long-term prosperity of the Entropia open platform accommodations, there is a desideratum for (a) governance structures and (b) incentive mechanisms for developers and users to participate in an incipient two-sided market for applications.

In this paper, MindArk will present Deeptoken—a blockchain token protocol that ameliorates upon the earlier design of the Entropia Macrocosm. Deeptoken introduces decentralized governance and incentive mechanisms for ecosystem magnification, and enables incipient features like support for games and enterprise business developers to access deep technology and license their engenderments for more expeditious use. Deeptoken is a major upgrade to the Entropia Macrocosm and, like earlier major technology upgrades, will be proposed as the next immensely colossal milestone in the history of the macrocosm.



David Simmonds

David was the former CEO of MindArk between 2011-2014. With 15 years of experience in Virtual Reality and Crypto/Virtual currencies he will be an integral part of the DeepToken foundation. David also brings 35 years of experience of sales and business development in IT, telecom & security of which more than 30 years as owner/managing director.

Henrik Nel

Henrik is one of the co-founders of DeepToken and as CSO responsible for the strategic initiatives of MindArk and the DeepToken foundation. He studied Management and Economics of Innovation at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. Early adopter of crypto and passionate gamer.

 Twitter @EntropiaNews

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