Developing Hyperledger Fabric Applications Step-by-Step | With IBM

Hacker Dojo, Santa Clara
Dec 15th 2018
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Join us for a hands-on workshop and learn how to build and deploy Hyperledger applications. 

The Hyperledger Project is quickly becoming the front-runner in enterprise Blockchain solutions and has attracted talent and resources from industry leaders like IBM and Intel in an open source collaborative effort to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. It is a global collaboration, hosted by The Linux Foundation, including leaders in finance, banking, Internet of Things, supply chains, manufacturing, and Technology.

In this workshop, you will learn:


- How to use the Hyperledger Composer, an extensive, open development toolset, to develop Hyperledger applications from a business perspective.

- How to deploy Hyperledger applications to the Hyperledger Fabric and the IBM Blockchain Platform, which is designed to accelerate the development, governance, and operation of enterprise business networks running on the IBM Cloud.    

 - What Use Cases and IBM Development Patterns can you reuse? 

- Architecture considerations.- How to build up your Hyperledger team. What kind of skills do you need on your team?- What kind of software and hardware do you need?- On-chain and Off-chain, how do you you connect to existing legacy systems?- How and why do you host in the Cloud?

- How do you get support for your app?

- Where do we go from here?

Meet the Instructor:

Your teacher is Lennart Frantzell, IBM Code SF Developer Advocate. Lennart has been working with Blockchain and Hyperledger for over a year. Lennart loves building and hacking anything in the cloud. He speaks at Meetups, holds Workshops and on weekends, whenever possible, to avoid doing yard work at his bungalow in Silicon Valley, he attends Hackathons. His goal is to change the world by accelerating the roll-out or Hyperledger apps.

This is a getting started workshop so anyone is welcome to attend. Please bring your laptop as this is a hands-on coding session. 

IBM has been kind enough to provide pizza and drinks to all attendees, so be prepared to eat and learn!

Please arrive early! The event begins promptly at the start time.

Learn more about our community at!

You can always reach us at (408) 657-0861 or email us at!

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