Dial-a-Donkey HACKATHON

Organized by
Cellar of Rocks, Warehouse Theatre, Windhoek
From Nov 16th 2018
To Nov 17th 2018
See the website


The Dial-a-Donkey Team welcomes all interested parties to the Hackathon.

Software developers and designers with interest in technology and innovation - either students, recent university graduates or professionals - are requested to find digital solutions within the scope of the challenge proposed: Development of a functioning prototype for a 100% SMS-based online platform to address the rural transport coordination challenges in Northern Namibia.

The Hackathon will begin at 19:00 on November 16, 2018 and will end at 16:00 on November 17, 2018.

EVENT OUTLINE: Arrival and Briefing of teams; Hackathon Kick-off; Pizza and Snacks; Breakfast served; Finalisation of Prototypes; 5 min Pitch and 10 min Q&A Winner! 

Individuals and/or teams may apply. Groups formed should not exceed 5 members. Participation in the hackathon is open to individuals aged 18 or older.

Teams should apply for participation by submitting the following detail to DaD at Julia.schmitt@giz.de no later than 14 November :

-          Name of Team, full Names and age of members,

-          Profession of each member (if student, indicate study course),

-          Short Motivation letter (not more than one page)

-          Contact name, email address and mobile number of team coordinator, and

-          A short explanation on how the team was compiled

Teams will be selected based on the information provided. The chosen participants will be informed by formal acceptance notice via email with terms & conditions enclosed.


15.000 NAD for the winning team/individual.

Please NOTE that the prize money will be awarded in form of an official service contract.

On top of that and in case of a mutual agreement, the winning team will be offered to continue working with Dial-a-Donkey on the prototype in the future.

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