Digital Masala Challenge Hackathon Pitch Competition

91Springboard, Noida
Jul 19th 2017
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Come see the Digital Masala Challenge hackathon pitch competition hosted by Bollywood actor/comedian Vir Das in New Delhi! Five teams of creative Indian talent working on their projects in a creative hackathon will pitch a pilot for a Facebook-hosted video series that explores the threat of polarization and presents a way to reconnect communities and counter violent extremism.

Get a chance to also listen to some of the top minds in the media industry, who'll be a part of the challenge as judges and mentors. Play an active role in supporting the participants - this can make a big difference especially today when we are experiencing a tumultuous period of global divisiveness which is driving violent extremism and hate. Misinformation, narrowcasting, and community insularity has made it easier for violent extremists to dehumanize and disconnect people from one another.

Let's counter this together - come together on July 19 and get your friends along! Seats are limited, so register today!

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