Disinfo Hackathon

Organized by DisinfoHacks
Thessaloniki International Exhibition, Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki
From Sep 10th 2022
To Sep 11th 2022
Prizes TBA
Hacking to Combat Disinformation
See the website


Media professionals, digital publishers, PR and social media types, digital influencers and creators, public policy professionals, and science communicators and social scientists in and around Thessaloniki! DisinfoHacks invites you to participate in the 2-day Disinfo Hackathon. 

You'll be challenged to collaborate to tackle disinformation — one of today's biggest challenges? You'll get to choose from challenges such as:

  • Combating disinformation in journalism,
  • How misinformation has affected healthcare,
  • Religion and misinformation,
  • Misinformation, advertising, and brands, and
  • Innovation to fight misinformation.

Make sure you're prepared for your DisinfoHacks experience — visit the hackathon tips page!

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