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The Hub Singapore, Singapore
Nov 18th 2015
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You have most likely noticed the emergence of Accelerator Programs out there. Whilst some sceptics point toward an "accelerator bubble", accelerators remain to date the most effective and proven "mechanism" to accelerate businesses and/or innovation. 


What actually makes accelerator programmes so effective for startups and corporations alike? What if you could embed or adopt some or all aspects of those programs into your operations to help design and build products, services and/or experiences your customers really want?






If you are an entrepreneur, business owner, part of a startup,  you do not have to wait further (or physically join an Accelerator) to get started on accelerating your business. You can learn how to design your "own program" to start accelerating your growth, re-package your business, prepare for your next round of funding, preparing to scale, etc.


If you are an innovation professional or a business owner / executive focusing on innovation, you do not have to "re-invent the wheel" to design or improve your thinking, approach and innovation capability. You can learn how to accelerate your effort by leveraging on best practice out there.


We have connected the dots for you and designed the output into this highly informative and interactive session.


Learn in one day what has taken us months to crystalise. More importantly leave the session with a clear idea on how to apply this in practice for your business. And obviously make meaningful connections with like-minded individuals to continue the conversation.


Whether you are just taking the first step or willing to embed further those practices into your core, this day workshop will accelerate your learning and ability to execute. It will provide you with a condensed overview and walkthrough of a practical step-by-step DIY Accelerator Program, underlying concepts, methodologies, and practical tools (down to typical templates), and use this spine and structure to drive meaningful discussions, sharing and exchanges with peers throughout the day.


Do not get us wrong though, we do not believe there is "one model", one way, we just think our Accelerator Program is balanced and leverages on the latest thinking. It definitely is a good starting point and will most likely trigger interesting debates and discussion adding further value. We trust it will help you either get started and/or accelerate your existing effort.





Entrepreneurs, Startups & Business Owners


Are you an entrepreneur, startup, or SME business owner feeling you need to evolve towards more customer centricity, a clearer value proposition, a better designed business model and/or a more engaging business story?  Is your company preparing for scale, looking to accelerate growth or preparing for its next round of funding? 


Learn how to apply a step-by-step methodology, range of practical tools and methods to accelerate and refine / re-package your business and ultimately design and build a product, service and/or experience your customers really want. 


Innovation Professionals & Intrapreneurs 


Are you an innovation professional or intrapreneur focusing on designing or scaling your innovation capability? Are you looking to design or refine how you run incubators / accelerator programs / digital garage / rapid prototyping unit / hackathons? Do you simply want to partner with established incubators or accelerators out there and better understand how they operate? 


Explore a best practice human-centered innovation methodology and underlying concepts, methodologies and tools. Benchmark your vision or existing capability against best practice out there. Trigger some insights around how others operate and what can be changed or added to fine-tune your own approach.






This full day workshop will provide you with a complete overview and walkthrough of a best practice accelerator program end-to-end: 


Deep dive into how human-centered methodologies are changing the way we design (or transform) businesses, products, services and experiences and what this means for your business.

Overview and comparison of Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Agile, Business Model Innovation, Value Proposition Design and how they fit in, going beyond the hype.

Defining the Pillars of embedding those methodologies into day to day practices.

End-to-end walkthrough of a complete acceleration cycle - practical tools and methods along all key stages to make the process repeatable and applicable to your context


Our Workshop is hands-on and interactive: it is designed to maximise interaction, discussion, sharing and exchange between participants. 


Expect to leave this session with key insights and knowledge, guidance on how to put key concepts in practice and meaningful connections with individuals facing similar challenges.


In other words we trust you will leave better prepared to start accelerating your business and/or innovation effort. 






Our DEFii© Human-Centered Accelerator Model has been designed combining leading edge methodologies such as Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Value-Proposition Design, Business Model Generation and Agile. It leverages on best practices including those shared by thought leaders such as IDEO, Stanford University, Google Venture, MIT Lab, Coca-Cola, General Electrics, Samsung, etc.


It has also been refined leveraging on the events and workshops we have been running either in public or private settings (including as part of Singapore Ideas Lab) which have involved close to 1000 participants.


Finally it also takes into account real life insights working with startups, SMEs, accelerator programs and Innovation professionals out there. It has been constantly benchmarked and refined iteratively against other innovation approaches, accelerator models, entrepreneurial methodologies out there which we have been exposed to - either helping design, implement, facilitate programs or simply providing coaching or mentoring services. 


This workshop is a unique opportunity to discover what we learnt and explore the resulting Human-Centered Accelerator Program we believe in. We do not believe there is one model, we just think our model is awesome and can help others get started or improve how they see things.


This insight will bring tremendous value whether you are a startup or entrepreneur looking to accelerate your business, a SME who wants to explore how to take your business to the next level or a CXO or innovation professional who is keen to benchmark and explore best practices out there to accelerate innovation.


Start adopting human-centered methodologies to accelerate the design of value-propositions and businesses that sell i.e. products, services and experiences that customers or end-users trully want and love.





About Amplification Lab (ASA Advisory Services Pte Ltd)



Our mission is to help organisations of all size on their innovation & transformation journey. We leverage on Human-Centered Methodologies to initiate and accelerate change and drive efficiencies. 


We accelerate change within startups, SMEs and big enterprises alike.


We recognise that effective innovation, designing new businesses or transforming existing businesses starts from humans. 


At The Amplification Lab, we like to amplify humans. We like planting seeds by designing and delivering inspiring talks, targeted training and workshops to ultimately help you evolve, change and transform and assist you:

embed human-centered methodologies to accelerate change, transformation and innovation within your startup, SME, business function or enterprise as a whole

design, accelerate and scale your startup or business 

build a culture of  innovation, agility, and business-transformation readiness by expanding the mindset, tools, skillset and competencies of entrepreneurs, innovation professionals, business owners, CXOs, and change & transformation professionals.  


We design fit-for-purpose training and workshop solutions to fit your needs whether you simply want to raise awareness on a given topic, learn & apply new concepts and methodologies, amplify the culture through team building, and/or support a broader change / business transformation your business is going through.



About Eric, the facilitator




Eric is the Founder and Managing Director of Amplification Lab (ASA Advisory Services Pte ltd).


Eric has also founded Singapore Ideas Lab and been running events and workshops in the local startup and innovation ecosystem for the last 18 months. 


Eric enjoys using the two sides of his brain. He combines a strong corporate profile with fifteen years of consulting and corporate experience coupled with practical innovation & entrepreneurial experience.


Eric has deep connections with the local startup ecosystem through Singapore Ideas Lab as well as from working with local Accelerator Programmes and/or individual Startups either as a Consultant, Business Design Coach, Advisor and/or Mentor.


Eric is passionate about leveraging on Human-Centered methodology to help companies out there make meaningfull and sustainable transformations: startups, SMEs and big enterprises alike.





Contact Eric : Amplification Lab MD and Lead Facilitator.

m:+65 8700 6425


t: @leaneric


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