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Hamilton, Hamilton
Dec 6th 2018
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Due to their rapid growth, Domino's Pizza is looking for you!


A team of driven, curious and dedicated Graduates in Software Engineering, Quality Engineering and Business Analytics to join their mission to not only stay at the top of the range but also to have fun whilst doing it!


Joining Domino's means you will be working on top notch technology and cutting edge project, be working across the business and engage with various stakeholders to help optimising processes as well as the operations for maximum customer experience!


If that sounds like the challenge you want to tackle, then apply now!

Showcase your skills in a hackathon where you not only get to play with the latest tech, meet and get mentored on the day by leaders in the field, score cool prizes and potentially a role to kick start your career in 2019 with one of Australia's most innovative companies!


The recruitment process is handled by impaCCCt and involves:


1.) Application (send your CV to

2.) Phone Interview - impaCCCt

3.) Technical testing

4.) Invitation to a hackathon where you not only get to meet the senior leaders of the company but can also expect cool prizes and definitely a good challenge to work on!

At the hackathon, you will be able to meet and greet the team as well as have the chance to get hired on the spot. We will then conduct reference checks and confirm the formal offer!

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