Dutch Mobility Hackathon 2017

Organized by ANWB & UtrechtInc
ANWB-hoofdkantoor, Wassenaarseweg 220, Den Haag
From Nov 17th 2016
To Nov 18th 2017
€1.000 per teamlid
Do you want to create solutions for Smart Mobility? Join ANWB, NS & Schiphol!
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You’ll get access to over 20 datasets. Can you translate this data into opportunities? We’re seeking smart and sustainable mobility solutions for everyday challenges including traffic jams, flight delays, location services, road assistance, traffic safety, train outages and route guidance. Join the two-day hackathon and win eternal fame and great prizes (totalling €12.000). http://www.dutchmobilityhackathon.nl


Do you have the answer? Check out the challenges and formulate your solutions.
Challenge: Connected Cars
The ANWB is looking for innovative ways to integrate connected car technology within the services they offer. Which data can help a driver connected to internet even better - for example with traffic flow, safety, roadside assistance or maintenance? The ANWB is also interested in Mobility-as-a-Service, where travellers make use of mobility services from a provider instead of using transportation they own.
Challenge: First mile & Last mile
The NS wants to guide travellers through public transportation as smoothly and as personally as possible. The goal of this hackathon challenge for the NS is improvement of service for travelers between ‘the front door and the station’ and ‘from the station to the final destination’.
Challenge: Smart Travel
How do you help people traveling to and from Schiphol in making conscious decisions with maximum autonomy and flexibility? Consider innovative ways of providing travel advice, real-time integrated notifications, visualizations and forecasts.

Prizes pool

Got your eye on the prize? See what's in-store for the hackathon winners below.
ANWB Prijs
Schiphol Prijs
NS Prijs
UtrechtInc Prijs


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Logo of NS
Logo of Schiphol
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