Dynamo Hackathon Updates

Organized by Dynamo North East
Sep 10th 2018
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To demonstrate the incredible talent and innovation we have in the North East, Dynamo North East ran a live Hackathon during the Dynamo 18 conference on Thursday 21st June. 

The Hack brought together developers, students, designers and tech enthusiasts from across the region to develop creative tech solutions that benefit the North East. 

Alec Berry, Client Delivery Analyst at Accenture was the operational lead for the Hack. Alec will discuss the organisational side of the hack and share his knowledge on what worked well and how best to move forward with the ideas. 

We will also be hearing from members of the Hack teams who will share their ideas and open up a discussion on how we can take their ideas forward and develop them in order to help Dynamo with its core mission to ‘Grow the North East IT Economy through collaboration, innovation, skills'. 

We will also take this opportunity to launch the 'Innovation Day' Hack which will focus on the theme of Digital Construction from our BIM Cluster. This hack will run in November and we will be sending out applications to take part soon! Marni Mather, Senior Marketing Officer from Waterstons will be leading on these discussions. 

We would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, ideas and share best practices with our teams, so come along and see how you can be involved. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

Dynamo Team

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