E-Waste Mini Conference

Jun 5th 2018
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On Tuesday 5th June, 2018 Nikola Energy and Squadra 1 will be commemorating the celebration of the environment by hosting an event that will have the following activities: -  

Mini-Conference: - Where the main players in the E-Waste field will share their how tos | what is working |what isn’t working | perspective on the way forward.  The Ministry of the Environment and Forestry, The Ministry of ICT, NEMA, Nairobi County, UNESCO, The Finnish Embasy, The Finnish Centre Party, WEEE, several private and public universities to name but a few who will be participating on the day. Corporate sponsors will also have opportunity to share their thoughts on the topic. 

E-Waste Flea Market: - On the day, offer Kenyans the opportunity to batter or sell their no longer fit for purpose e-materials.  This will allow those that have e-materials pilling up in their homes, an avenue to make a little money and hopefully get items that they are in need of. 

Design Thinking (DT) Session with High-Schoolers: - Involve the youth, through design thinking, in ideating the best way forward for Kenya. This campaign will precede E-Day.  The three best solutions identified from this process will present their ideas on the day. Facilitating the DT sessions will be Nikola Energy, Squadra 1, Mekatilili, Nairobi Design Week, Kijiji, and Mideva. 

Hackathon: - Facilitate a Hackathon session the weekend before E-Day with E-Waste as the theme.  Interested University Students can sign-up to participate for this. 

Photo Competition Campaign: - 3 Weeks leading up to E-Day we can have a competition involving >= 18 years showing off the E-Waste that they intend to drop off on the day.   

Communicate Locations of Collection Points: - Share information on where the mwananchi can deposit their E-Waste and future flea market opportunities 

Our motivation for facilitating this event are as follows: -  

Kenya produces 20,000 Tons of E-Waste a year and yet only 1% is responsibly repurposed 

There is an increased dependency on technology, especially Mobile Tech and yet there is a high rate of re-purchase, with the mwananchi getting a new phone/mobile gadget every two year 

Establish simple directive on where one can take E-Waste, thus proffering an avenue through which the mwananchi can purposely consider segregation of their trash.  Especially because of the adverse effects on the environment and human health due to poor handling of E-Waste 

Start cultivating a new Kenyan culture that promotes Re-Duce | Re-Use | Re-Cycle | Re-Purpose such that the mwananchi is already playing their role in support of the E-Waste Draft Bill that is yet to be passed by the Kenyan Government. 


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