ECB Risk Management Coding Challenge

European Central Bank, Sonnemannstraße 20, Frankfurt am Main
From Nov 25th 2019
To Nov 27th 2019
Join ECB's IT and risk management experts at the ECB to develop a cutting-edge dashboard to monitor financial risk.
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This three-day coding event, which starts on Monday, 25 November 2019, is a unique opportunity for you to work closely with IT and risk management experts from the ECB and other EU central banks.

Students who have knowledge of or experience in data masking, machine learning, or developing application programming interfaces (APIs) or front-end user interfaces are encouraged to apply to take part.

You will work as part of a team to develop a cutting-edge dashboard designed to monitor financial risks. Teams will present solutions to one of the four challenges set out below. On the final day of the event a panel of judges will decide which team has produced the best solution to each of the challenges.


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