Eco-innovative solutions - Action towards the sustainable future

Organized by Garage48 Foundation
LIFT99, Tallinn
Sep 27th 2017
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Environmental problems are complex and integrated to everyday production and consumption patterns and value chains. So the solutions have to be “out of the box” for the already developed patterns to change."Eco-innovative solutions - Action towards the sustainable future & growth" event is a pre-event to a Garage48 Circular Economy 2017 international hackathon organized from 6-8th October focused on circular economy.More information about the hackathon event: us to a evening discussion to learn more about the topic, discuss challenges & problems and network with other participants.Speakers: * Kerli Kant Hvass (Circular Economy & Sustainibility Expert @ SUSTINERE)What does Circular Economy mean in fashion & textile industry? What are the risks, opportunities & challenges in transitioning over to circular economy based on international use-cases and practises * Ann Runnel (Founder & Visionary @ REVERSE RESOURCES)Ann will be sharing her own company story, how they started, what they are focusing on and what does the future bring. More speakers TBAThis event is organised in collaboration with Estonian Ministry of the Environment, financed by European Regional Development Fund and Estonian Environmental Investment Centre.

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