EdUnderground Hackathon

Business Innovation Factory, Providence
Oct 26th 2015
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EdUnderground is a hands-on laboratory run by the Highlander Institute, where teachers can discover, explore, create and experiment with technology integration strategies, blended learning models, and other innovative tactics using hardware platforms and software programs to support the diverse needs of students.

During this meeting, we will be exploring our partner's (Business Innovation Factory) newest initiative called School Hackers, a platform that enables educators to share creative ways of repurposing existing resources and capabilities to move their students toward deeper learning. The BIF will take us through the platform to explore other hacks in schools and what constitutes a "hack". The group will then have a chance to come up their own hacks and discover ways to implement them back in their classrooms.

Please feel free to bring a colleague or friend who has never been to EdUnderground! Snacks and refreshments will be served. Looking forward to seeing you at the BIF!


Highlander Institute

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