Organized by Edge by Ascential
Bell Harbor International Conference Center, Seattle
Sep 24th 2019
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Amazon is disrupting everything we know about commerce, and your brands – whether they realize it or not – are depending on you to figure it out.

But you’re not alone. You’re one of us…part of the movement to lead our brands through this change.

At the Edge by Ascential™ HACKATHON Seattle, you and fellow industry trailblazers come together to learn and share what it takes to “win” on Amazon.com, moving beyond traditional eCommerce 101 to deep-dive hacks into the winning strategies, best practices and data insights needed to become an ecommerce expert and grow your businesses.

Join us at our upcoming E^HACKATHON Seattle on September 24-25, 2019 in – you guessed it – Seattle, WA!

This event is organized by Edge by Ascential™. The E^HACKATHON Seattle is not initiated or sponsored by, or associated with, Amazon.com, Inc.

Event Format

The E^HACKATHON Seattle is an Amazon-centric, deep-dive masterclass summit where industry leaders work closely with insiders and experts on the latest best practices and strategies needed to succeed on the fastest growing ecommerce platform in the world.

Day 1 is overflowing with amazing content including client case studies, latest perspective on Amazon and of course, the Hackshop masterclass sessions. The masterclass sessions are assigned breakout topics led by ecommerce subject matter experts. Working in non-competitive peer-groups, you will leave these sessions having made measurable improvements to your strategy that can be implemented within your business.

Day 2 is an optional opportunity clients at no additional cost -- on a first-come, first-serve basis -- to schedule exclusive 1:1 one-hour consulting sessions on your key business challenges and opportunities with your Edge by Ascential client team and partner experts between 8am-12pm. 

If you're interested in a Day 2 session, please indicate your interest when you register and our team will follow-up to schedule that with you.

Event Benefits

Actionable and focused content on winning with this market leader

Agenda led and facilitated by top industry experts and ecommerce practitioners without sales pitches

Case studies shared by fellow brands in the industry

Non-compete breakout group format fosters open communication and collaboration on strategy and tactic best practices

Great networking opportunities with peers of our ecommerce movement

EXAMPLE Agenda from the Recent E^HACKATHON New York City on April 16:


SAMPLE Masterclass Sessions from the Recent E^HACKATHON New York City on April 16:


Each attendee will have the opportunity to submit their preferences for 4 preferred masterclass sessions to attend during the event.  We will do our best to schedule each attendee for as many of their preferred masterclass sessions as possible based on session capacity and non-compete restrictions.


1. How Large Companies Can Optimize Content at the Speed of Ecommerce - Led by Stephanie Leffler & Amanda Wolff (OneSpace)Recent research indicates that the brands who are most successful at growing revenue in ecommerce regularly optimize their product content. However, it also revealed that the biggest barrier for developing great content was the number of approvals required internally. Learn the strategies and practical tips to overcome these hurdles with your key stakeholders to create, review, approve, and publish content at scale and at the speed of ecommerce.

2. Latest Ad Features & Tools to Accelerate Your Brands - Led by Melissa Burdick & David Zimmerman (Pacvue)Amazon has been launching new features in advertising at an increasingly rapid pace that will only continue to speed up.  Learn 1) the newest features and functionality launched within the last few months, 2) the advances in tool technology and how brands and agencies are leveraging them to achieve a better competitive advantage and 3) the optimal support models needed internally to maximize your advertising strategy and activation.  

3. Drive It & They Will Come: Advanced Demand Generation Strategies - Led by Patrick Miller & Bernie Che (Flywheel Digital)The “build it and they will come” strategy doesn’t apply to the digital shelf.  Demand generation through targeted marketing activities and promotions is critical to driving traffic, converting it into sales and accelerating your own Amazon flywheel performance.  If you have the basics down and want to take it to the next level, it’s time to master some of the more advanced demand generation strategies.


4. Navigating 1P, 3P and Hybrid Amazon Solutions in a New World of Vendor Singularity - Led by Garrett Bluhm (Pattern)Explore the benefits and downsides to partnering with Amazon and how to decide whether a 1P, 3P, or Hybrid approach is best for your brand.  We will explore recent Amazon policy changes, facts and theories around ‘Vendor Singularity’ and how emerging policies may impact your brand in terms of what models may be available to you.  We’ll conclude the conversation around the power that brands have individually and collectively and the tactics and methods available to navigate a successful ‘partnership’ with Amazon in an increasingly hostile environment.

5. Brand Wars: How to Combat Amazon Private Label - Led by Shyla Navarro & Kurt Vogel (Edge by Ascential)With the launch of 130+ private label brands and 400+ exclusive private brands to-date, Amazon is rapidly and aggressively expanding its private brand portfolio strategy and promotion in order to differentiate its offerings, increase assortment control and improve profit margins.  Learn key strategies and tactics to counter their acceleration and protect your consumer acquisition and retention.

6. Supply Chain: The Missing Link to Growth - Led by Mike O’Donnell, Claudia Johnson & Candice Beitler  (Flywheel Digital)Supply chain is a commonly neglected “topic” in ecommerce and often one of the areas least resourced or prioritized internally until it becomes a risk or barrier to growth and the bottom line. However, your supply chain strategy can be a (if not the) primary driver of your Amazon business if harnessed and optimized effectively. Learn some of the strategies and tactics top brands are leveraging to turn their ecommerce supply chain into a major growth engine.

7. Business Growth 2.0: What to Do After the Slowdown? - Led by Alex McCord, Drew Habeck & Andrea Claricia (Flywheel Digital)While Amazon has been a source of strong topline growth for years, many 1P brand manufacturers have experienced increasing business deceleration, both creating internal concerns around future growth on the platform and posing risk to the continued resource allocation and investment.  Learn some of the critical strategies and tactics you can leverage to drive new growth and counter the slowdown.


8. Brand Protection: Best-In-Class Strategies to Control Your Sales Online to Maximize Profit - Led by Whitney Gibson (Vorys)Despite its growth and potential, the Amazon marketplace can expose all the leaks in a brand’s value chain – price   matching, unauthorized 3P sellers, product diversion and grey market sales – resulting in major channel conflicts, unprofitability for both brand and retail and overall brand erosion.  Learn the key strategies, foundational policies and enforcement techniques recommended to remove unauthorized sellers, stop channel conflict and end brand erosion.

9. Something Old, Something New: Best-In-Class New Product Launches & SKU Transitions - Led by Brooke Ware, Danny Hoffman & Jessica Mattson (Flywheel Digital)Brands must continuously bring new innovations and renovations to market; however, launching new products and transitioning SKUs successfully on Amazon is quite complex. How brands manage their SKUs can be the difference between shelf leadership or shelf extinction.   Learn the key programs and strategies for successfully launching and transitioning your products to maintain and accelerate your business.

Who Attends:

This event is ideal for brand-side commercial Managers to Executives leading Amazon and/or overall ecommerce and omnichannel businesses seeking best practice strategies and tactics to win with this market leader.



Testimonials from Prior HACKATHON Attendees:

“So stimulating and insightful, I was buzzing when I left and so eager to get to work on all of the ideas that the Hackathon inspired!”

“Great actionable insights were provided that I can take back to my team and find ways to implement into our business. It also was great to hear what category leaders are doing as that's what my leadership team wants us to become.”

“I walked away with a lot of ideas to pull my business forward, and came back with some momentum to do so.”

 “So many of these industry events are high-level overviews of ecommerce. This set up allowed for better learning in areas of interest across functions. It made for a particularly valuable experience.”

Venue Location

Seattle, WA | Bell Harbor International Conference Center

Contact Information

For further questions, please contact Chris Perry, VP of Global Executive Education at chris.perry@ascentialedge.com.

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