HanaHaus, Palo Alto, Palo Alto
Dec 16th 2018
Prizes TBA
Approach social issues with an entrepreneurship and innovative lens
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May the Best Team win...!

We will be kicking off the Eitanim year with a local Hackathon!

Students from 7th to 12th grade are invited to join us in an all-day idea hackathon.Judges from the Business and Tech world will evaluate performances.By learning how to approach social issues with an entrepreneurship and innovative lens, we hope you get a fresh perspective on some of the global biggest challenges today.

Teams will compete to develop the best solutions needed by using soft skills, entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity and thinking outside the boxPrizes will be given to the winning team!

* Registration includes meals and a T-shirt

** In partnership with Palo Alto Group 

!!שהקבוצה הטובה ביותר תנצח

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