EnergyLab Brisbane Hackathon

Organized by EnergyLab
Fishburners, Brisbane
From Nov 10th 2017
To Nov 11th 2017
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The energy sector is being disrupted, and with technological change come new opportunities. Who will be the Facebook, Amazon and Uber of the emerging smart energy sector? If you want the answer to be 'you' then come along to the EnergyLab Brisbane Hackathon!

New energy technologies such as solar panels, batteries, electric vehicles and over-the-internet metering and control systems are rapidly becoming cheaper and more ubiquitous. At the same time there have been great advances in adjacent areas such as artificial intelligence, drones and telecommunications. The convergence of all these trends makes new innovations and business models possible.

The EnergyLab Brisbane Hackathon is designed to bring people interested in energy innovation together to brainstorm, develop and demonstrate new business concepts. We have partnered with Wattwatchers which will provide access to its API for any teams that wish to build their solution off the Wattwatchers energy management platform for homes and commercial buildings.

How it works

Inspiration: We'll kick off with a couple quick presentations about problems you might consider solving, as well as an explanation of how to make the best use of the Wattwatchers API and data.

Team forming: You can register as a team if you want, but if you're missing a team member or registering as an individual then we'll help you find teammates. 

Ideation: Once teams are formed the brainstorming begins! Come up with a bunch of ideas and pick the one you want to work on for the rest of the hackathon.  

Developing: We'll leave lots of time for you to develop your ideas, build a prototype if possible, and prepare your presentation. 

Presenting: Each team will present to a panel of judges, who will pick the winning teams. 

Celebrating: Unwind and celebrate what you've achieved in less than 24hrs over a drink and something to eat.

Key Information

Where: Fishburners, 155 Queen Street, Brisbane, Queensland 

When: 5:30pm Friday 10 November to 8:00pm Saturday 11 November

Who: Students, entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, hackers, professionals, and anyone else interested in energy startups. You can register as an individual or as a team.

Cost: Free and all meals provided!


The winning team will receive a prize package to help them get their idea off the ground. 

A free legal consultation with Marque Lawyers to set up a strong foundation for your startup

A guaranteed place in EnergyLab's Springboard Program

Preferential access to EnergyLab's Acceleration Program


Friday 10th November

5:30pm: Arrive, have something to drink and eat, and start to get to know your fellow participants

6:00pm: Presentations to provide inspiration, resources and information on what the next 24 hours will entail

7:30pm: Dinner, team formation, and team registration

8:30pm: Go home and rest (or work if you really want to)

Saturday 11th November

8:00am: Doors open and breakfast served

Work in your teams

12:30pm: Lunch served

3:45pm: Submissions due

4:00pm: 5-minute presentation by each team followed by questions from the judges

5:30pm: Presentation on the EnergyLab Acceleration Program while the judges deliberate

5:50pm: Winners announced!

6:00pm: Drinks to celebrate all you've achieved in 24 hours

7:30pm: Doors close

Judging panel

Philip Livingston, Founder & Managing Director, Redback Technologies

Sandra McCullagh, Director, The Impact Suite

Stephanie Moroz, CEO, Nano-Nouvelle

Fraser Power, Stakeholder & Advocacy Manager, Australia Pacific LNG

Frequently asks questions (FAQs)

How many people are allowed in a team?

Teams must contain 2, 3 or 4 people. Teams with 5 or more people in them must break into two or more smaller teams. Individuals can't compete but we will help you find at least one other person to form a team with (see below).

I already have teammates, can I just participate with them?

Yes! As long as you have at least one other person on your team (and your team doesn't have more than four people in it).

I don't know anyone else attending, how will I form a team? 

We have your back! We have built in a number of ways for you to meet other people in the same boat and will help you form a team with people you want to spend Saturday with. Before the event you will be invited to a Facebook Group and Friday night will start off with some casual networking over drinks. During the presentations, everyone will introduce themselves so you know who else is looking for team members. During dinner, the organiser will help match individuals together and make sure no one is left out. If you have any questions or concerns please send an email to

About EnergyLab

EnergyLab is Australia’s leading platform for launching new energy businesses. Our integrated approach draws on the community of clean energy entrepreneurs and offers a range of ways to engage and leverage their ideas, technologies and resources. To read more about EnergyLab head to

Our Sponsors

The EnergyLab Brisbane Hackathon cannot happen without the generous support of our sponsors.

A big thank you to Wattwatchers for sponsoring the event and providing participants with access to their API and datasets.

Thank you also to Marque Lawyers for sponsoring a prize and to PythonAnywhere for providing participants with free accounts to use the Wattwatchers API.

And last but not least, a big thank you to Fishburners who have provided the space for this hackathon. Fishburners is Australia’s largest community of tech startups and a not for profit organisation. They support over 300 startups in their communities in Brisbane and Sydney and host more than 500 events around Australia. They offer a free one week trial which you can take up here:

Volunteers needed!

If you don't want to participate, but still want to be involved, we'd love some people to help out on the day. If you're interested in volunteering please email James Tilbury at

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