Environmental Hackathon | Silicon Valley

Organized by AngelHack
Marco Polo Room in NVIDIA’s Building E, Santa Clara, Santa Clara
From Mar 21st 2020
To Mar 22nd 2020
Grand Prize $ 10,000 Cash
Building Machine Learning Solutions for Environmental Issues
See the website


Techies in Silicon Valley! Are you interested in the intersection of technology and the environment? Are you passionate about stopping deforestation, or tackling climate change, or perhaps you're interested in bringing nature into urban environments? If so, you're invited to participate in the Environmental Hackathon - Silicon Valley hosted by AWS and NVIDIA. You'll be challenged to build, train, optimize, and deploy a machine learning model to an edge device that can accurately detect anomalies. Your project can address your choice of environmental issue, such as:

  - Soil and Land Pollution,

  - Loss of Biodiversity,

  - Agricultural Pollution,

  - Climate Change, or

  - Deforestation.

A panel of expert judges will score participants' projects based on accuracy, simplicity, and design/visualization. Come collaborate and compete for great cash prizes.

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