Organized by Moringa School
Moringa School, Nairobi
Aug 24th 2017
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Esri Eastern Africa is hosting the GeoDev Meet up on August 24th, 2017; This is a “technical social" where developers can meet and discuss all things geospatial, geolocation, spatial analysis, and GIS. Developers of all levels of expertise are welcome.

This is the 4th of a series of workshops to get hands on experience with in advanced mapping technologies as a pre-requisite to the Esri Education User Conference hackathon.

The session will be a follow-up of our previous session which saw participants creating a web map service and a mobile app that uses that map service. August’s session will cover the following topics:

An in-depth look at the workings of a web mapping service and how to manipulate it

Creation of web applications that utilise web mapping services

Working with ArcGIS for Developers and getting started with GeoDev Lab packs.

Interactive Q & A session

Whether you are build mapping applications for the desktop, for the web, or for mobile devices, stop by and show us what you are doing. We welcome presentations and conversations around Esri's APIs, SDKs and tools.

Here is our developer website where you can learn more, download and code against our APIs for free, check out apps and code samples, and use cloud-based storage and web services to support all kinds of mapping capabilities.

Also, find us on Github!

We have food, drinks and a bunch of Esri Eastern Africa swag. See you there!

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